Everything which the people are interested to know about the concept of runtime application self-protection systems

 The runtime application self-protection is a comprehensive security technology that will be perfectly billed or linked into the application runtime environment and will be highly capable of controlling the execution as well as detection of the real-time attacks very easily. This particular concept will be perfectly integrating with the related applications so that attacks can … Read more

A basic guide of PDF File Format

Portable Document Format (PDF) PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This format is widely used because any document can be converted to PDF while keeping the format and layout of the document intact. The main purpose of using this format is that it saves files that cannot be changed. And these unmodified files are easily … Read more

The handy tips to fix the Microsoft Office Outlook Errors

Microsoft Office Outlook is a commonly used application, and so, there may be bugs and errors that can distort the experience. To fix the issues due to the errors, you will have to face certain methods. This article works as a one-stop solution for users to resolve common Outlook errors. Method 1 Repairing MS Office … Read more

What’s Up with Google’s Self-Driving Car?

Can you imagine driving a car without you having to navigate the car? This is what Google is trying to do. The giant company tries to expand its business to provide the communities with the solution to their problems. Google’s self-driving car is classified into neighborhood electric vehicles, since it is designed as a city car with … Read more