Is CBD Isolate The Most Potent Form?

Potency is a primary factor when considering a CBD (cannabidiol) purchase as far as the consumer is concerned. The strength also helps distinguish one product from another, along with many other distinct differences that help determine the cannabinoid’s overall effect plus the item’s ultimate price point.

Potency designates the amount of strength for a CBD product or how much cannabidiol for each volume. It’s essential to pay attention to the label when purchasing a product. Just because you see two 30 mL containers that look identical doesn’t mean they offer the same strength.

One might offer 6,000 mg of the cannabinoid while the other holds merely 3,000. A customer would need to take the dose from the less potent bottle two times to receive the same effect but would save on budget over time by purchasing the stronger of the two options.

It might take some searching to find milligrams on the label, especially if you’re dealing with a distillate (70% pure) or a CBD isolate (99% pure cannabidiol). With trusted, third-party lab testing, reliable companies will provide results in percentages of each of the principal/minor cannabinoids either within the packaging or on the website, particularly CBD.

Is Potency Pertinent?

Claims suggest that potency (or the number of milligrams per milliliter) is only a piece of the cannabidiol puzzle as far as efficacy relating to strength. There’s more that goes into the process.

While research is not conclusive, experts concur that the cannabinoid alone as an isolate is likely less effective than a product with a blend of the other chemical compounds found in the plant, referred to as a full-spectrum.

Despite the dose of isolate you consume, the consensus is that it won’t have the same wellness advantages as a broad spectrum, offering the “entourage effect.”

The full and broad-spectrum products encompass all the elements of the whole plant, working together cohesively to enhance each other’s positive attributes. In a full-spectrum choice, there is trace THC but isolate and broad-spectrum note to have none of the cannabinoid. (Tetrahydrocannabinol) THC is the component in marijuana that produces intense euphoria. Many people prefer the isolate or the broad spectrum to avoid the THC.

Experts, again, believe THC and CBD complement each other bringing out the best of the other benefits with CBD negating THC’s adverse effects. In some cases, cannabidiol is given to individuals who develop too great of a high when consuming THC to calm the reaction. 

The suggestion, though, is to combine the highest strength distillate or isolate with a broad spectrum oil if you don’t want the THC, basically the most robust cannabidiol oil with as many ingredients as available. Click to learn what an isolate is.

How Can You Achieve The Greatest Level Of Potency?

For those who want to get the best results from the CBD products, you should avoid swallowing the substance due to the poor bioavailability, with only a fraction of the substance finding its way into the bloodstream, where consumers will see wellness advantages. But you can beat the system.

You’ll often hear that you should hold the cannabinoid under the tongue for approximately a minute. In fact, you should keep it there for as long as you can tolerate it, even up to five minutes if possible, protecting the oil from degradation by digestive enzymes.

For those who have to swallow, another claim is to do so with black pepper. The substance consists of “piperine,” boasting as closing down those enzymes from within the liver responsible for breaking down the cannabinoid so that it has a better opportunity for absorption.

Final Thought

One of the best ways to ensure you receive a potent, effective dose is to research to find the highest quality products from trusted brands. Cannabidiol isolate, full or broad-spectrum options are still unregulated. While the focus is on getting the most substantial dose of CBD, it’s essential to make sure there are no contaminants or additives in the mix.

A reputable, reliable company will include independent lab testing results within the packaging or website so that you aren’t indulging in the unknown. If you prefer the most potent options with optimum efficacy, check out the level of CBD in an mL. The product should be robust in CBD with at least a broad spectrum oil to get the most significant therapeutic advantage.

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