All you need to do about CAPM certification? Are you in a need of CAPM certification?

The CAPM certification is one of the most sought after certifications in the world of project management. It allows the certified candidates to show their caliber in front of potential employers. This qualification gives them numerous opportunities as a project manager. It is a great certification for entry-level candidates in the project management field. It is the best certification offered by one of the most renowned certification bodies. The certification tends to differentiate the various work experience that a person has. This helps the person to get into such job situations where he/she can gain knowledge and do greater experience specific tasks. 

CAPM certification examination 

The certification exam validates the education and experience of the candidate in the domains of project management. It also tests the competence of the individuals and gives them the necessary training that can help them to become efficient project managers. The examination consists of 150 questions, which include 15 questions that are not scored. The time constraint for the examination is three hours. As there are three hours allotted for the completion of the examination, there is almost one minute available to solve every question. 

The questions in this certification examination take up the grades which are allotted on the basis of their difficulty level. This makes it impossible to make a differentiation between the scored and not scored questions. It is quite advisable to complete all the questions as quickly as possible and mark the questions in doubt for review. The candidates can easily complete the questions and review the doubtful answers at the end of the examination. The practices for project management change with time, and the questions are changed accordingly to stay updated. So, it is very important for the candidates to follow the recent PMBOK guide to know the recent details about the topic concerned by Sprintzeal

The study for this certification exam remains pretty simple as it follows the framework set by PMI. If a candidate follows the right material for studying and memorizes the important information, then it is not very difficult to pass the certification exam. But PMI does not publish the percentage of passing or failing, and this causes a bit of chaos while preparing for the exam. The candidates have to prepare really well as they do not know the passing rates. The PMBOK guide works really well in this situation and gives the candidate the necessary knowledge about the different domains. There are a number of study materials available in the market that the candidates can avail of to ace their preparation. 

CAPM Certification cost

The certification costs almost $225 for the members in PMI, and the non-members have to pay $300. A certain amount of additional cost can be calculated for purchasing the PMBOK guide and other preparation materials. All the money spent on the process is worth it. This certification credential gives great benefits and returns in investment at the end. It is an investment that can never go wrong, and it creates numerous opportunities to gain prestige and wealth. 

Do you need CAPM certification?

For the individuals who want to grow more in the field of project management, this CAPM certification is immensely important. It opens up an array of opportunities for the aspirants so that they can achieve their goals. As an entry-level certification, it ensures that the candidates learn all about the domain where they wish to grow their careers. The certified candidates have more knowledge than non-certified candidates. The certification is quite important because it gives a special focus on practical experience. It is a matter of the fact that work experience can teach more than book knowledge, and the certified candidates gain practical knowledge in all the required domains before getting into the field. 

The certification does not have many requirements in comparison to the other designations in project management. This is so because it is for entry-level candidates. The minimum requirement consists of either at least 1500 hours of experience in project management or 23 hours of education in project management. A secondary degree or high school diploma is a must with all these requirements. 


The CAPM certification is very different from the other certifications in the project management field. It is somewhat lenient with respect to the eligibility requirements before taking up this certification. The candidates usually learn a lot while preparing for the certification examination. Anyone can start a career in project management with the help of CAPM certification. For those who wish to fulfil their dreams and work hard for it, the sky is the limit.

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