The handy tips to fix the Microsoft Office Outlook Errors

Microsoft Office Outlook is a commonly used application, and so, there may be bugs and errors that can distort the experience. To fix the issues due to the errors, you will have to face certain methods. This article works as a one-stop solution for users to resolve common Outlook errors.

Method 1

Repairing MS Office

Problematic MS Office installation stops Outlook from responding. Take the assistance of the in-built Microsoft Office repair tool that can be the best approach to repair the program:

1.           Close running Microsoft Office applications.

2.           Go to Control Panel

3.           Click Programs and Features

4.           Find Microsoft Office version

5.           right-click

6.           Select Change

7.           Navigate to Find MS Office in Programs and Features

8.           Repair MS Office program.

It’s worth noting that steps, as mentioned above, vary.

Method 2

Restoring/Deleting Navigation Pane Configuration File

 “Microsoft Outlook” error occurs due to the corruption in the Navigation Pane Configuration File. Restore the file:

•            Close Microsoft Outlook.

•            Go to Start

•            navigate to Run.

•            Type outlook.exe /resetnavpane.

•            Click OK.

In case you notice that repairing the corrupted Navigation Pane Configuration File isn’t resolving the system, delete it:

•            Go to Start

•            Navigate to Run.

•            Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook

•            Click OK.

•            You will reach the Microsoft Outlook configuration file.

•            Search the XML file

•            Delete it.

After you follow these steps, make sure to check the problem is fixed or not.

Method 3

Creating a New Outlook Profile

“Microsoft Outlook” error occurs due to the corrupt Outlook profile. Create a new Outlook profile that can help resolve this error:

•            Go to the Control Panel.

•            Select the Mail option that will help to open the Mail Setup dialog box.

•            Go to Outlook window

•            click the Show Profiles button.

•            In the dialog box, click Add that can create a new profile.

•            Enter a profile name

•            click OK

•            ‘Auto Account Setup’ screen appears.

•            So under Email Account, fill in details,

•            choose Next.

•            click Finish. With that, you can see that the new profile name comes under the section ‘Mail’ dialog box. This is the place under the General tab.

•            “When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile” is the message that appears.

•            Click OK.

•            Restart Outlook.

•            Go to the ‘Choose Profile’ dialog box

•            Select the new profile name

•            Choose OK.

•            Try opening Outlook.

As soon as you see that the Outlook profile normally opens this time, you can rest assured that the profile was corrupt, leading to the error.

Final words

We’ve listed the methods by which you can fix the errors occurring with Microsoft Outlook. There may be several reasons that lead to the problems. But fixing the issues by following the stepwise methods can ensure solving the bugs in the least time.

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